Money Saving

Money Saving Options for a Night Out

It is expensive to go out drinking for a night out these days. It just keeps getting more and more expensive with the average price of a pint increasing every year, especially in city centres. It is only natural that everyone should seek a night out, time to relax with friends after a hard week in work and to have a laugh. But for some of us living on a budget, it can be really difficult to plan effectively without dipping into the savings or using too much of the month’s budget. When you are working on consolidating debt, being proactive by taking out a payday loan that you can easily pay back next payday it is achievable to plan a night out that is a lot of fun, and includes drink (if you want to drink alcohol that is), without it costing you a fortune.

How can you achieve a great night out on a budget?

First thing to do is to do your research thoroughly. Take a look around at the different types of nights that you’d like to have with your friends. This could be a nice meal out at a restaurant, an event or activity, some drinks at a local pub, or a night out dancing at a club. Whatever you want to do, do your research well before the night itself and look at where there are different offers, where you’ll have to pay for entry and how much, and where you can make the most of your budget for a night out.

Creating a budget is vital to any night out when you haven’t got much money to play with. After researching the entry fees and average prices of drinks, take a look at your budget and work out exactly how much you can afford to spend on the night out ahead. Eat at home before going out if you are only choosing to drink and dance (this lines the stomach should you be drinking alcohol and ensures you’re not as likely to want a greasy takeaway at the end of the night). Alternatively, do not take your bank card or credit card on the night out with you. Instead, take out the cash you have set aside, and that way you are stuck with the budget you have set, even if you change your mind after a few drinks later in the night.

Non-alcoholic options are plentiful in recent times, and they can be tasty too. One choice for a night out, even if you plan to drink, is to cut down on the amount of alcohol you drink. It can be costly to keep up drinking alcohol for a whole night, as well as the added cost of the likely desire for a late night takeaway or other form of food once you’ve finished in the pub or club. It is possible to have a good night out without getting blind drunk and damaging your health and bank balance at the same time.

With clever research and planning ahead you can be effective in having a great night out on a budget.